AXPONA 2023 Sight And Sounds

April 19th, 2023
By: Carlin "Rick" Smith

The AXPONA 2023 show has come to end and I was there Friday.  Happy to report the show seemed back to pre-COVID levels of vendors and attendance.  I am sure it helped to have a sunny 75 degree day in Chicago at this tinme of year.  Below are some pictures and there are many others out there from various sources.

It is always great to catch up with so many from the various vendors, distributors face to face.  There was a lot of positive energy.

Auralic modular components

T+A tubes

More T+A gear

Nordost Room Picture 1

Nordost Room Picture 2

Gryphon Room Picture 1

Gryphon Room Picture 2

Gryphon Room Picture 3 (Massive AMP!)

PS Audio Picture 1 - new DirectStream DAC MK2 and a new streaming product sitting on top

PS Audio Picture 2 - ASPEN FR30 Speakers on demo

PS Audio Picture 3

Old school looking

Rutherford Audio

Beautiful Speakers with Vitus Audio monoblocks

Pass Labs, Aurender, others

Aavik, Borreson Speakers

Reel to Reel!

Von Schweikert Speakers

Part of Scott Walker Audio Room

Some horns

Esoteric Gear

Various equipment

Bob Carver gear made in Illinois


Internal horn speakers

Misc Equipment

Ayre, Aurender, etc.

LinkWitz drivers/speakers

MBL Gear

Mytek Gear

Large Room with four Audio Research Monoblocks

Quite the display of source equipment

New Magico S3 Speakers

One of several Innuous rooms

Interesting custom wood front

Vinnie Rossi

Pass Labs, GoldenEar Speakers

Pathos Acoustics

Cabasse Speakers

Perhaps my favorite picture of the show!

Not even sure what wsa being pitched in this room but vintage, guy on guitar was good (looks remarkably like Rick Rubin)

Very nice Nagra room with Stenheim speakers

Raidho speakers

Orchestalls Speakers - odd looking but sounded good

Magico Speakers

Interesting speakers

Great fit and finish

Various Gear

Unrelesed Aurender AP20 integrated (digital transport, DAC, and Amplififer) - a first for Aurender

2nd picture of AP20 that was using Wilson Audio SabrinaX speakers

MSB Technology

McIntosh and B&W Speakers

More McIntosh Gear

Sonus Faber

Featured Brand Partners

  • Aurender
  • Bel Canto
  • Nordost

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