Wilson Audio Re-introduces the WAMM

December 9th, 2016
By: Carlin "Rick" Smith

Having met David Wilson of Wilson Audio at a few trade shows and listening to some great demos of his various speakers we thought it might be nice to share a little nostalgia from the original WAMM speaker in 1981 and the latest version.  How times have changed and it is great to see someone like David stick with it and follow his passion.  While we don't carry Wilson products at Sound Lab we certainly respect them.

It's close to 56 years since David Wilson built his first loudspeaker, and 35 years since he developed a method to measure time-domain differences. It was also in 1981, the same year that he received a patent for time-domain driver adjustability, that Wilson Audio released the game-changing Wilson Audio Modular Monitor loudspeaker or the WAMM.

Link to Stereophile article regarding WAMM here.

Here is a great video to watch describing the history of WAMM and some Wilson Audio History as well.

Wilson Description:

This video previews the long awaited WAMM, Master Chronosonic™, Dave Wilson's Magnum Opus. Nearly five years of research, development, and thought have gone into the new WAMM. Now, as a preface to its launch in a few months, we offer up this small homage to Dave, a visionary who has indelibly changed the way we all think about music and its reproduction.



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