Monitor Audio Architectural Loudspeaker Sets a High Bar

May 5, 2016

Several years ago Monitor Audio introduced its Platinum in-room loudspeakers to raise the performance level of its entire product line. Since this initial product release, the British audio company had gone on to update the Platinum line with the newly introduced Platinum II series. Now, Monitor Audio is adding to the Platinum II series with its new Platinum II In-Wall loudspeaker.

Available from Sound Lab, the Platinum II In-Wall loudspeaker, which retails for $5,000, has been developed as a reference architectural loudspeaker that is capable of reproducing the dynamics and nuances of everything from the latest object-based surround-sound formats like Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, to high-resolution, and even vinyl.

The speaker features a heavily dampened and cross-braced composite cabinet structure that utilizes a steel back plate and 25mm (1 inch) MDF, as well as a front baffle made of the company’s Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC) material to help ensure rigidity, while minimizing cabinet resonances.

Equipped with an adjustable mid/high frequency driver array, the In-Wall is able to deliver pin-point audio imaging and consistency from both vertical and horizontal positions. By rotating the array though 90 degrees at the center of a LCR configuration for instance, a soundstage of three Platinum In-Wall IIs will generate the seamless tonal integrity of the finest boxed systems from a stealthy in-wall location.

Robert Archer is an audio enthusiast who has written about consumer electronics for various publications within Massachusetts before joining the staff of CE Pro in 2000. Bob is THX Level I certified, and he’s also taken classes from the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) and Home Acoustics Alliance (HAA). In addition, he’s studied guitar and music theory at Sarrin Music Studios in Wakefield, Mass.

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