Aurender Showing W20SE Music Server at California Audio Show

July 19th, 2019, (Updated July 27th, 2019)

We are excited for the first showing of the Aurender W20SE (Special Edition) Music Server to be shown at the California Audio Show Juy 26th-28th.

Differences we know right now

  • Uses SSD's instead of spinning drives
  • Larger SSD cache (1TB)
  • Linear power supply replaces switch-mode PSU
  • 2X Isolated LAN port
  • Upgraded OCXO clock
  • Support for higher rate DSD

Aurender will also be displaying the S88 experimental loudspeaker.

Aurender has published the following comparison table showing the differences between the W20 and W20SE.  We know the unit will be shipping in late August with orders soon.

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