Monitor Audio's diminutive put powerful CWT240 in-ceiling speaker

November 25th, 2016

Monitor Audio has established an enviable reputation for engineering loudspeakers with small woofers that are able to deliver exceptional bass response. Bookshelf models in all our series of box products consistently surprise our listeners. Monitor Audio's Radius 90 is a perfect example of a mini-speaker with clarity and detail that sets it apart from competitive models. Another perfect example is the new in-wall/in-ceiling CWT240. This mighty mite serves up Radius 90 impact through a 4" C-CAM woofer and sparkling highs from our 1" C-CAM Gold-dome tweeter.

The small footprint of the CWT240 is ideal for unobtrusive distributed audio systems where multiple small speakers in a large room are used to evenly disperse background music when listening at lower levels. The CWT240 might also be a great LCR soundbar alternative. Living rooms requiring a discrete theater lends itself to choosing a small speaker with a paintable grill - imagine a room with multiple CWT240's as part of an affordable Atmos system!

The CWT240's small footprint and big voice provides outstanding performance in a small package, and a step up from the very popular CWT140. So why leave money on the table? The MSRP of the CWT240 is only $220 each, far below the price of many small aperture speakers.

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