Aurender Announces N100C Music Server with Digital Coax Output

July 10th, 2017

At Sound Lab we are very excited by this announcement.  Introducing the N100C Music Server/Streamer.  The N100C is a derivative version of the N100H and differs only by the addition of an SPDIF coaxial digital output using an RCA-type jack. This is in addition to the standard USB output. Now you have a choice of digital protocols and with SPDIF, can now interface easily with DAC's without a USB input as well as active speakers.

The N100C and the original N100H is available now in Silver or Black in 2TB or 4TB capacities.  Contact us for details.

Aurender also introduced the UT100 USB to Toslink (optical) adapter for customers with existing N100H or X100Ls.  An optical connection allows these models to be interfaced with, for example, DACs without USB, hi-end soundbars or other CI products that require an optical input.

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