Coming Soon - Nordost QBase / QSource Stand Mount


Sometimes a solution comes along and it corrects a problem you knew was a problem but learned to live with.  Coming soon in 2021 is a inexpensive Nordost stand mount for the companies QBase power distribution units or the QSource power supplies.

The stand can be used in two orientations either to raise the QBase / QSource off the ground slightly or to mount to a surface (pictures 2 and 3) or with the companies Sort Kones (picture 1).  We often raise a QBase off the floor by placing Sort Kones under the QBase.  This yields sonic improvements but also means when you have up to 8 power cords plugged into a QBase it is quite easy to knock the QBase off the Sort Kones when making any adjustment.  The ability to use the stands to provide a direct captive connection to four Sort Kones fixes this solution almost entirely and we can't wait at Sound Lab to install our first pair!


Coming in Q1 2021 for $119.99 a pair.

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