Sterophile Review of the Monitor Audio PL300 II

October 29th, 2016

Our friends at Stereophile provide an excellent review of the new Monitor Audio PL300 II.  At Sound Lab we were big fans fo the original Platinum series and the series II beats the original in every way.  

A key excerpt from Reviewer Robert Deutsch:

"A New Reference
I've been writing for Stereophile since 1991—my, how time flies when you're having fun—and in those 25 years have owned just three pairs of speakers: 1) Quad ESL-57 (with Cizek MG27 subwoofer), bought before I joined Stereophile; 2) Dunlavy SC-IV/SC-IVA; and, most recently, 3) Avantgarde Uno/Uno Nano.

In those same years I've reviewed a good number of speakers, several of which I was tempted to buy. Recent such models include the MartinLogan Montis, the GoldenEar Technology Triton I, and the Wilson Audio Specialties Sabrina. If you're familiar with any or all of these speakers, you'll know that, while not inexpensive, none is in the Price No Object category. For me, a reference loudspeaker should be one that offers a combination of high performance and high value, and these speakers all qualify in various ways. When it was time to return the review samples to the manufacturer, I often did so with a feeling of regret, but I was never quite motivated to reach for my checkbook.

Until Monitor Audio's Platinum PL300 II. This is one I won't let get away. As I write this, it occurs to me that the PL300 II combines some of the best aspects of my previous reference speakers: the Quad's relative lack of "speaker sound," the Dunlavys' precise imaging, the Avantgarde's dynamics. The PL300 II is also, by a considerable margin, the most physically beautiful of all of these speakers, with the highest decorator acceptance factor. It can be driven effectively by tubed or solid-state amplifiers, and will reveal, without exaggerating, the sonic characteristics of those amplifiers and of other system components. Monitor Audio has always been known for the solid quality and value of their speakers; with the Platinum PL300 II, they've hit one out of the park. It's my new reference."

Read more at Stereophile web site here

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