The Platinum PL500 II earns a prestigious award from The Absolute Sound

August 12th, 2016

Monitor Audio's new Platinum Series II has been gaining alot of momentum since its debut at CES, and the 6' tall, 7 driver PL500 II model has received particular praise and admiration from Julie Mullins of The Absolute Sound. She is currently reviewing the flagship Platinum II speakers, and has been so impressed that she saw fit to present them with The Absolute Sound's prestigious 2016 Golden Ear Award!

"...these big boys impressed me from the first time I heard them-at this year's CES... the PL500 IIs really don't sound like any other Monitor Audio speaker I'd heard."

Although Julie is currently still reviewing her pair of PL500 II speakers, she has already begun praising their incredible sound quality and value...

" far the PL500 IIs have proven infinitely enjoyable in their layers of depth and detail, bass articulation, and overall coherence - no matter what genre of music I've played."

"In fact, in some ways-in their warm, rich musicality, overall driving energy, and D'Appolito configuration, for instance-they reminded me of Raidhos (minus nearly another zero on the price)."

"Not only are the PL500 IIs high-energy, high-resolution transducers that boast beautiful sound, they also offer superb quality and value far exceeding their price."

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