PS Debuts the P20 Power Plant at RMAF 2017

September 29th, 2017

PS Debuts the P20 Power Plant at RMAF 2017!

 The next step in power regeneration, from the originator

Boulder, CO 10/1/2017: PS Audio, originators of power regeneration systems for home audio, is proud to announce the debut of the new P20 Power Plant at this year's Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. 

PS created the category of home power regenerators with the release of the P300 in 1997. Since that time, the company has continued to pioneer methods of improving the quality of power provided to home audio systems. The P20 Power Plant is the next step in power regeneration, offering lower distortion, lower output impedance, more output devices and greater current capacity than any product on the market. The P20 also features a unique new graphical user interface (GUI) which provides more information on both input and output signals than ever before.

A pair of P20s are featured in an extraordinary system in the Spruce 1 room at RMAF, demonstrated by PS Founder/CEO Paul McGowan. Source is the DirectStream Memory Player (DMP), feeding the DirectStream DAC, BHK Signature Preamplifier, and a pair of BHK Signature 300 Amplifiers. Speakers are the Focal Sopra No. 3, along with a pair of REL 212/SE subwoofers. Power cords are by PS; interconnects are by MG Audio Design. All stands and racks are by Fin Art.

The DMP plays SACDs as well as CDs and most other disc formats, and will output raw DSD to PS Audio DACs by way of a secure I2S link. CDs and SACDs will provide program material for all demonstrations during the show.

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