Qobuz Club First Anniversary Introduces VIP Pass

March 22nd, 2024

Qobuz Club celebrates its first anniversary and introduces the VIP Pass and its online store

One year ago, we launched Qobuz Club, an exclusive online platform designed to provide a space for open discussion among all music and hi-fi enthusiasts. A year later, Qobuz Club has successfully brought together a community of music lovers and audiophiles from around the world, establishing itself as a hub for varied and thought-provoking discussions related to music of all kinds.

A year full of growth 

Just one year after its launch, Qobuz Club has established an authentic and vibrant community of music enthusiasts sharing musical discoveries and recommendations, as well as advice on HiFi audio equipment. Qobuz Club includes:

  • Over 35,000 members

  • Over 50 discussion spaces: French Club, Qobuz News, Hifi Space, Music Clubs, Collectors’ Corner, Beta Club...

  • Over 24 musical genres: from Jazz, Classical, Rock to Country, Metal, Afropop/Afrobeats, and Americana…

  • An average 16% monthly growth rate

What our members are saying

  • "You, Team Qobuz, have set yourself apart with your outstanding weekly "new music" share. I've become exposed to more great artists in a few months with you than I have for years with Jay Z… I appreciate the work the Qobuz team puts into this… I’m hearing more stuff I like each week than ever before. It’s like your new music recommendations are the “Tower Records Listening Stations” of today." Jeff

  • « I really enjoy my time on site and the conversations, the wonderfully diverse collection of contributors and membership. I do think Qobuz is doing something genuinely different for its subscribers - more than 'the big boys' - and that's important as it fosters a sense of belonging, an element of loyalty. » Tony

  • « Thank all of you for giving your experiences on this. This is what I love about the Qobuz Club community. » Lawrence

    As it enters its second year, Qobuz Club enhances its offerings to include

✨ The VIP Pass, for additional advantages 

The VIP Pass offers a new way to experience Qobuz Club. By becoming a VIP member, you support the Club's development and enjoy exclusive benefits:

  • Special promotions and rates

  • Exclusive events

  • Access to private spaces

  • Priority customer service

  • 20% discount on the Qobuz Lifestyle products

  • And more...

The VIP Pass is available for a yearly cost of €59.99 (equivalent to $65.40). Discover here: https://club.qobuz.com/c/vip-membership/ 

✨ Qobuz Lifestyle, an online boutique for audiophiles and music enthusiasts

To embrace and live your passion for high-quality music even more fully, we present Qobuz Lifestyle, an online store where customers will find a line of stylish Qobuz and Qobuz Club-branded clothing and accessories, including seasonal collections in Qobuz colors. Discover here: https://lifestyle.qobuz.com/

 Qobuz Club is available in English and French, free of charge, with a simple Qobuz account.

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