Roon Labs Unveil Nucleus Titan

March 1st, 2024

Roon, the world’s most innovative listening experience for music lovers, in conjunction with Harman International, is thrilled to announce the arrival of Nucleus Titan – its next-generation high-performance Nucleus server at CES 2024. Nucleus Titan maximizes recent advances in CPU and SSD technology, technical design, manufacturing processes, and hardware customization to deliver an unparalleled premium device specifically intended for Roon’s library management, music exploration, and multi-room music player software. 

Nucleus, long recognized as the first choice of those seeking the best possible server/streamer option for Roon, takes a giant step forward with Nucleus Titan. Titan supersedes the Nucleus Plus with updated hardware and performance – providing effortless set-up and worry-free operation paired with design aesthetics that demand admiration. 

Nucleus Titan is Roon’s new flagship server. It fuses next-generation technology with advanced technical design, precision manufacturing, and aesthetic customization. Customers choose from three customizable shell material options – metal, stone, and wood – to create a one-of-a-kind server/streamer statement piece perfectly matched to their tastes and listening space. Nucleus Titan, starting at $3,699 base price (U.S.) is the only choice for those seeking a premium Roon server that promises a superlative Roon experience paired with breathtaking visual appeal.

Nucleus Titan features include: 

  • 36% CPU performance improvement over Nucleus Plus
  • 37% more power efficient than Nucleus Plus
  • 80% increase in RAM speed and memory bandwidth over Nucleus Plus
  • New thermal management system combines a high-efficiency CPU heatsink with fanless convection cooling
  • Precision-machined billet aluminum enclosure crafted from a solid block of premium metal.
  • Stunning aesthetics, designed for display and admiration.
  • Available in three elemental shell finishes: metal, stone* (composite), and wood.
  • Customizable internal solid state storage: 0, 2, 4, or 8 TB options. 
  • Upgraded connectivity: two USB-C, two USB-A, and two audio-only HDMI ports.
  • Accommodates the most voluminous music libraries and multi-zone audio configurations.
  • Exterior design echoes Roon’s music discovery features and the eclectic nature of music collections. 
  • Nucleus Titan is the only premium server/streamer designed specifically for Roon by the team that created Roon.   

“Nucleus Titan continues our long-standing goal of providing customers with Roon server options that correspond with their specific needs and desires. CPU and SSD technology has evolved significantly since we first released Nucleus, and we’ve taken advantage of those innovations. With Titan, we’ve created a high-performance device that fuses precision manufacturing with aesthetics that evoke the interwoven nature of our music collections and Roon’s finesse for music exploration. We’re very excited with the results and our ability to provide our customers with the ultimate Roon software platform,” said Enno Vandermeer, Roon Co-Founder. 

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